Hello friends we are Kevin and Anna, a Lexington, Kentucky-based husband and wife wedding photography team.


Our story began at a local rock climbing gym, where we met and quickly fell for each other. Our love for rock climbing, hiking & the great outdoors made us a perfect match. 

Our wedding took place in 2012 at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We cherish our wedding photos and all of the amazing moments that our photographer captured for us. Our passion is to do the same for you. We understand the magnitude and importance of capturing your wedding day because it only happens once.

Snowy Engagement Photos in Downtown Lexington, KY at Gratz Park

Jamie and Alex’s engagement session was on a beautiful snowy day in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. Alex and Jamie were glowing with excitement as they celebrated their engagement. Gratz Park is such a romantic spot with its historic homes, gardens, fences, and gates. We had so much fun exploring the snowy streets and hearing all about their love story.

Jamie and Alex met while attending a bible study through Southland Christian Church called Faith in Fandom, which discusses all things geek, but through a Biblical lens. Jamie had started going in February, right before the Covid-19 shutdowns. It was not until months later, during the shutdown, that Alex joined the group. Jamie didn’t remember him joining the zoom call, but she did notice him when he joined the group’s first in-person meeting. Everyone was sitting outside of Panera Bread, and a tall blonde guy (Alex) with pretty blue-green eyes walks up. Jamie and Alex immediately had chemistry, and she found herself wanting to sit close to him. About a month later, Alex asked Jamie out after a Bible study. She remembered the whole week prior, sensing God putting it on her heart that Alex was going to ask her out, so when he followed her inside Panera after group, Jamie immediately knew something was up. After Jamie purchased a drink, Alex followed her back outside. Alex walked Jamie to her car and got extremely nervous. She looked him straight in the eyes and smiled at him. Alex then blurted out that he thought Jamie was awesome and that he really respected who she was as a person. Alex then asked Jamie if she would go out with him. Since Jamie already had a feeling, she was ready with a confident and simple yes. The immediate relief and shock on Alex’s face was hilarious! He hadn’t planned on the next step, so Alex stood there a little dumbfounded before asking if he could text Jamie later. Their first date was dinner at Malones and bowling after. It was such an odd combination that even Alex’s sisters never let him live it down! It was a challenge to figure out how to dress for the two places, but Jamie made it work! The dinner was perfect and has become a favorite little treat for them because they both love steak. Together Jamie and Alex love going on walks. At first, that was the only thing they could do when they first started dating because of Covid. Jamie and Alex are both gamers, so their favorite thing to do is play video games together. They even built Jamie’s first computer while they were dating. Jamie and Alex have both their desks set up next to each other, so they can play together.

Alex Knew that Jamie was the one for him, so he decided that he would propose on Christmas morning at her parent’s house. The whole month he had been telling her that he wanted them to focus on the holiday and family, then they could focus on just them after…sneaky. When Christmas morning arrived, Jamie went to her family’s house in the traditional family pajamas and zero makeup. When she arrived, everyone was dressed up. You would think this would have tipped her off, but Jamie was oblivious. After breakfast, they started opening their stockings. Normally everyone opens their stockings at the same time, but for some reason, Jamie’s Dad suggested they go one at a time. Again, this should have tipped her off… but nope! They started the line to where Jamie was the last person to go. By the time it got to Jamie, she was a little impatient and went through her stocking pretty quickly. Jamie’s mom puts candy in the bottom of the stocking, so she glanced in it and just saw the candy leaving the ring at the bottom. Alex then began to panic! Apparently, he had Leslie, her sister, sneak it in the stocking that morning, but she had done it too well. While Jamie was focused on another gift, Alex reached over and grabbed her stocking and exclaimed, “Oh, you missed something.” Dumbfounded, Jamie looked at her stocking and stared blankly back at Alex. It didn’t click until after she opened the box and stared at the ring. Jamie couldn’t stop saying, “awww.” It was at that moment Jamie also realized that her family had been dead silent too. Everyone was in on it except her. Jamie doesn’t think she will ever live that down. The engagement ring is made out of a beautiful moonstone. Alex got Jamie a moonstone engagement ring because of their nickname for each other. Alex is the sun, and the moon is Jamie. They both have been through some dark times in their lives, and God brought them to each other at the right time. We can’t wait to celebrate with them this year and capture their love story. Stay tuned this April for their wedding day love story.

Engagement Session Location: Gratz Park, Downtown Lexington Kentucky


Engagement Photos by Kevin and Anna Photography