Our story began at a local rock climbing gym, where we met and quickly fell for each other. Our love for rock climbing, hiking & the great outdoors made us a perfect match. 

Our wedding took place in 2012 at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We cherish our wedding photos and all of the amazing moments that our photographer captured for us. Our passion is to do the same for you. We understand the magnitude and importance of capturing your wedding day because it only happens once. 

We love being wedding photographers and want to provide you with the most satisfying experience possible, ensuring that you enjoy your time with us and have fun in the process. We have photographed over 150 weddings together in the past 11 years. 

Award winning husband and wife wedding photographers based in Lexington, Kentucky. 

October Wedding at the Gardens at China Grove in Lexington, Kentucky

wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0027Jen and Josh’s wedding took place at the beautiful Gardens at China Grove in Lexington, Kentucky. This venue is located in a valley by the Kentucky River. This picture perfect setting is surrounded by trees and has a gorgeous rustic barn towards the back. Josh and Jen could not have picked a more beautiful place to get married.

Jen and Josh first met while they were both living in New York. They both attended a mutual friend’s housewarming party in Brooklyn where they spent the entire night talking. Their first date was a week later and the rest is history. Jen and Josh have such a fun and loving spirit about them. Their wedding day was filled with family and friends who had traveled from all over the country to see them get married.

On the day of the wedding, they got ready at the unique 21c Museum Hotel in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. The hotel is housed in a historic building that was recently remodeled and features all kinds of abstract art.

The rain cleared out just in time for Jen and Josh’s wedding at the Gardens at China Grove.  The ceremony was filled with smiles, laughter, handwritten vows and a song that everybody sang together at the end. The flowers and decorations at the reception were absolutely gorgeous and were created by Jen’s father. The party went late into the night featuring live music by the amazingly talented Hot Brown Smackdown from Louisville, Kentucky. We had so much fun celebrating with Jen and Josh and wish them many years of love, adventure, and happiness. Be sure to check out all of the amazing wedding vendors who made this day possible at the bottom of the blog.

wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0001 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0002 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0003 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0004 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0005 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0006 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0007 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0008 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0009 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0010 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0011 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0012 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0013 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0014 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grovewedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0016 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0017 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0018 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0019 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0020 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0021 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0022 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0023 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0024 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0025 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0026 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0028 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0029 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0030 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0031 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0032 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0033 wedding-at-the-gardens-at-china-grove-in-lexington-kentucky_0034

Bride & Groom Suites: 21c Museum Hotel Lexington


Wedding Venue: The Gardens at China Grove 


Wedding Planner: Serenity Wright

Flowers and Decorations: Melvin Patrick

Doughnuts: North Lime Coffee & Donuts – Limestone


Caterer: Creative Table Kitchen and Catering


Band: Hot Brown Smackdown


Bride’s Dress: Rue De Seine


Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Reformation 


Rentals: Bryant’s Rent-All 


Furniture: Canvas Event Furniture


Tables: Longwood Antique Woods 


Wedding Photography: Kevin and Anna Photography