Hello friends we are Kevin and Anna, a Lexington, Kentucky-based husband and wife wedding photography team.


Our story began at a local rock climbing gym, where we met and quickly fell for each other. Our love for rock climbing, hiking & the great outdoors made us a perfect match. 

Our wedding took place in 2012 at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We cherish our wedding photos and all of the amazing moments that our photographer captured for us. Our passion is to do the same for you. We understand the magnitude and importance of capturing your wedding day because it only happens once.

September Engagement Session at Big Rock Park and the Big Four Bridge in Louisville, KY

Sarah and Jarett’s engagement session was in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. We first started off at Big Rock Park Park, which is filled with creeks, bridges, and forests. Sarah is Kevin’s cousin, and so we had so much fun adventuring with them. We even took some photos with Jarett’s convertible because of all the great memories they have made in it. Next, we headed to an overlook of downtown Lousiville and the popular Big Four Walking Bridge. We loved hanging out in Louisville and hearing all about their love story. 

Jarett had given up on his dating app and instead made his profile just for laughs. Sarah found his site hilarious when they matched. They started texting for most of the day when Jarrett asked Sarah if she wanted to meet up for a drink after work. She said she had to referee a game that night. Jarett thought that was the end of that. She then texted back and said if he didn’t mind her coming in gym clothes, she would love to. Jarrett was wearing a suit and tie since he was at a conference but thought about the opposites attract theory. They met at Gerstle’s Place in St. Mathews for some drinks. They had a great night and have seen each other almost every day since. Together they love to play volleyball, video games, games with friends, and go dancing. 

Jarett knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sarah. So he spent a week preparing. He had planned to throw a pool party at his mother’s backyard pool. First, they went to brunch for his stepfather’s mother’s birthday. They were taking photos, so Sarah had on a new dress, shoes, and had her hair, nails, and makeup done. Sarah had suspected something might have been up during the birthday brunch. They then headed over to Jarett’s mom’s house for the pool party. When they arrived, the pool was full of white balloons, blow up swans, flowers, champagne and a sign that read “Today is the day…..” But the biggest surprise was that Sarah’s whole family was there. Jarett sat Sarah on the couch, and then he got down on one knee. He gave her a heartfelt speech about how much loved her, how he wanted to be with her and then asked Sarah to be his wife. Jarett then pulled out this gorgeous shiny ring that took Sarah’s breathe away. Then the family all clapped and cheered. After a few photos, everyone all sat down and had brunch to celebrate before the pool party began. Sarah found out later that there was a hidden camera recording the proposal and Jarett edited a video for her to relive the moment over and over. It was a great day. Sarah and Jarrett are so excited to celebrate their wedding day next summer in Costa Rica! 

Engagement Session Location: Big Rock Park


Engagement Ring: Shane Company


Engagement Photos: Kevin and Anna Photography 


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