Hello friends we are Kevin and Anna, a Lexington, Kentucky-based husband and wife wedding photography team.


Our story began at a local rock climbing gym, where we met and quickly fell for each other. Our love for rock climbing, hiking & the great outdoors made us a perfect match. 

Our wedding took place in 2012 at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We cherish our wedding photos and all of the amazing moments that our photographer captured for us. Our passion is to do the same for you. We understand the magnitude and importance of capturing your wedding day because it only happens once.

Summer Engagement Photos at Gratz Park in Downtown Lexington, KY

Tommy and Mary’s engagement session was at Gratz Park in downtown Lexington, Kentuky. We had so much fun getting to know Tommy and Mary along with Mary’s sweet kids. We loved walking around downtown and hearing all about their love story.

Their love story first began at Greenbrier Country Club. Tommy was The Head Gold Pro and Mary was a member. They became friends while playing in the annual Kentucky Pro-Lady Golf Tournament. After the tournament, they started to play together regularly. They soon realized that they shared a lot in common and their friendship soon turned into a relationship. Their first dates involved playing golf together and cooking in. Together, they love being outdoors, golfing, hiking, camping, biking, and skiing. Pretty much anything they can do to compete together is fun. Mary and Tommy also love low key nights involving their favorite shows in the evenings and cuddling on the couch.

Tommy knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Mary. So he decided to take Mary on a hike down in the Red River Gorge. They had done a 12 hour adventure race a few weeks prior called The Fig. Tommy told Mary that they had volunteered to go pick up a few of the remaining checkpoints. One of the checkpoints was on top of a ridgeline in the gorge. Tommy thought that it would be the perfect spot to propose. It had snowed lightly the night before, so parts of the trail were covered. This lead to them getting lost because Tommy thought he would be able to remember the trail. Mary had to be back at a certain time to get the kids off the bus. At one point Tommy made his way down to a scenic overlook and was ready to do it there even though it wasn’t the one he had picked out. Mary didn’t want to come down to the spot because it wasn’t where the checkpoint was and she would have had to traverse through a thicket. So Tommy quickly packed up the glasses, champaign, and the ring and headed back up to meet her. Mary was ready to head back but luckily Tommy convinced her to take a quick detour. Tommy found a good landmark and knew he was close to the spot. Once they arrived to the cliff overhang the last part required them to jump a 3 foot crevasse. Mary insisted that it was more like 6 feet and didn’t want to jump. Tommy convinced her it would be worthwhile. She finally made the leap and then Tommy got down on one knee proposed. Mary of course, said, Yes!

Engagement Session Location: Gratz Park


Engagement Ring: Shelia Bayes


Engagement Photos by Kevin and Anna Photography


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