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What Is a Honeyfund and How Can It Help Me With My Wedding?

Ceremony wedding photography at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Guest Post by Honeyfund

Couples getting married in modern society face a different reality than their parent’s and grandparents did. In the past, when a couple got married, they were fresh out of high school and they had never moved away from their parent’s homes. When they got married, family and friends gave them practical gifts to help them get started in a virtually empty home.

Today’s couple is educated, and they have either lived on their own for a few years or they lived together for a few years. They already have bought things to set up housekeeping. They do not need coffee makers, toasters, and sheets. Their reality is they are on their own and about to have a wedding. They may have to pay for the wedding in whole or in part. The average wedding costs in the United States are more than $35,000. This changes their desires and hopes for gifts. This is the concept that formed Honeyfund and their sister company, Plumfund.

Honeyfund is a unique crowdfunding service that allows the guests to give exactly what the couple wants, or needs, or even hopes for in the future. The couple signs up on the free Honeyfund or Plumfund website. There they have the information they can share with their guests. They can request common products, like small appliances if they want to, or they can ask for monetary gifts to help pay for the wedding or honeymoon.

The service is free for the guests as well. They can look at your registry and see that you would like to book the honeymoon suite in a nice hotel for your wedding night. The cost of the room is listed, and they can grant that wish or donate toward the gift.

Honeymoon Registry

Every bride and groom have a fantasy honeymoon. Maybe they dream of an African safari. They might see themselves on a moonlit beach in Hawaii or take a trip to India. By setting up a Honeymoon Registry at Honeyfund.com, they can enter all the details of where they want to go, and what they want to do. Guests can go to the site and gift money in any amount they choose for whatever event they choose. Maybe you want to purchase dinner and a massage on the beach or pay for an airline ticket. Maybe you want to gift the couple a night in the honeymoon suite or a skydiving lesson. It is up to you and it is very easy to do.

Home Down Payment or Renovation

Some couples just want to begin life. They want to buy a home or remodel one they own. They simply set up their registry and allow their guest to help them raise the funds. If there is a particular item to be purchased, like an HVAC system for example, guests can donate any amount toward that item until enough is collected to make the purchase.

Traditional Registries

I know we said we were not traditional, toaster and coffee maker registries. But on second thought, sometimes you just need a toaster or coffee maker. But even with a traditional gift registry, Honeyfund kicks it up. On Honeyfund, all the registries for the items you need are on one site. Traditional registries on one, easy to use and free site.

It’s a funny thing about traditions. Sometimes you are the one to start them. Someone created honeymoon registries and Honeyfund took it to the next level. This is the easiest wedding gift solution for everyone.

Be sure to go and check out Honeyfund’s website for more details: https://www.honeyfund.com

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